Official Actions for Amazon Europe

As the start of the Amazon consulting package, the official procedures must be completed to open your account in Amazon Europe. At this point, Yalmans makes the necessary applications for your company without having to open a company in Europe and provides the VAT number and EORI number required for your company on your behalf so that you can sell and send products to Europe within an average of 14 working days. Our accounting software, which will be integrated into your Amazon account, keeps your account in Germany and gives you a monthly report.

Amazon Account Opening

As part of the Amazon consultancy service, while the official transaction stages continue in Germany, Amazon creates your Amazon account and marketplace so that you can sell in Europe. Opens your Wise(Transferwise) account so that your sales can be transferred to your accounts in Turkey. By making market and competitor analysis about the products you intend to sell, it provides you with reports on the state of the market and what your expectations and goals should be. After the completion of the official procedures in Germany, the Amazon Account Opening process is completed and your account becomes available for sale by loading the product.

Amazon Product Listing and
Account Management

When your Amazon seller account is ready to upload products, your products are analyzed and listed in your account in accordance with certain SEO criteria. Descriptions, titles and visual content of products should be suitable for SEO. This allows you to appear in front of more Amazon customers and sell more in parallel. At this point, our Turkish partners shoot your products in their studio or in your facilities to ensure that your products look their best and list them on Amazon for SEO. It manages your sales by keeping your Amazon account management in a completely professional manner. It shares its analyzes with you every month with the title of “end of month report”.