Direct to Consumer by YALMANS

Our business model is D2CY; It is a system where you, our customers, export your products to us without requiring any official procedure, where we are the importer, and where you can sell to Germany and then all over Europe on the most suitable platforms for your company, and you can also enter the German and European markets with your own website and brand.


The sales model for the delivery of the product directly from the producer to the consumer without an intermediary and for direct contact with the consumer is called d2c sales.

This model ensures that these products are preferred by the consumers as they reach the consumers at a lower cost.

yalmans d2c modeli


In this e-export model, customs problems are overcome by sending the products directly to Yalmans in Germany. Yalmans stacks products in its logistics warehouse. E-commerce accounts and Shopify site for listing the products are set up and the products are presented to the manufacturer. Advertising of products, SEO studies and Google ads on e-commerce sites are carried out by Yalmans. Yalmans manages all processes in-house without the need for any external service under the roof of all these management operations, and you only have to sit back and follow the process.



In order to be included in the D2CY system within the scope of the analysis of the competition and products in the market, price policy, product listings, planning, consultancy and meetings, a fixed price tariff of 1500 € is applied as an entrance fee .

In case of listing more than 15 products (including variations), after 15 products, 25 € per product for each platform (10 € for variation) is added to the entrance fee.


The shipment must be made in the form of consignment export. In order to carry out customs clearance in Germany, a proforma invoice must be prepared. Proforma invoice should be prepared with the deductive method.

In other words, the value to be shown as the product cost on the proforma invoice must be the price determined in the analysis section in the market places in Germany, minus the VAT tax and other expenses that will occur in Germany.


The products   to be sent must be sent by the manufacturer in accordance with the conditions specified on the https://yalmans.com/lojistik-2/ page. Expenses incurred during these stages belong to the manufacturer.

Since Yalmans GMBH will appear as the importer company, import VAT will be borne by the sender at the German customs. This tax is refunded by Germany after 3 months. tax levied

The refund is transferred to the sender. The customs specifications to be formed in this context are examined by us and the sender is informed.

Other customs fees to be incurred will be borne by the sender. This customs fee is not refundable and this fee varies according to the product.

If the sender has an ATR (Europe-Turkey Customs Agreement) document, this fee is not paid in accordance with the customs agreements.


Logistics warehouse usage costs   are as stated on https://yalmans.com/lojistik-2/ page.

Trailer unloading, warehouse stacking and m3 area rent will be reflected to the sender. Other fees for the warehouse start with the sale (Pick & Print).

In this context, fulfillment is only performed by Yalmans.


Commissions and sales VAT in the market places are covered by the sender.


Before and after sales, communication is provided by the Yalmans team in the appropriate time zone and language of the sender.


Advertising campaigns for all platforms to be sold are managed by Yalmans. Advertising budgets are set by the sender.


Sales made, stock status in the warehouse, monthly expenses; It is reported to the sender by Yalmans at the end of the month.

Billing to Yalmans by the sender is done 15 days after the end of the month due to the 2-week period given for returns.

In this context, your products exported as consignment are converted from consignment to solid export thanks to the export invoice you will issue to us.


After deducting all the expenses of the sender, 7.5% of the remaining net profit belongs to Yalmans and 92.5% belongs to the sender.

If the monthly net profit is below 5000€ in total, Yalmans charges a monthly fee of 750€ as the management cost of the accounts.


E-commerce marketplace Amazon Germany

Monthly Turnover: 10.000€ 19% German VAT included

19% VAT amount: 10.000 Euro x 100 / 119 =8403€ 10. 000-8403 =1596€ VAT

Amazon Expenses: 15% Commission. 10.000 /100*15 = 1500€ Amazon receives the commission from the sales price including VAT.

Logistics and Fulfillment Expenses: Estimated 10% 10.000 / 100*10= 1000€

Advertising budget: 500€

Remaining Net Profit = 5403€

Yalmans Commission 7.5% = 405€

Invoice amount to be issued by the sender to Yalmans= 4998€