It is the process of storing your products in excess of the storage capacity determined by Amazon in our warehouse and delivering them to Amazon warehouses when needed.


It includes barcoding and shipping processes of your products sent to our warehouse, upon ordering from any e-commerce platform.


It is the process of collecting the returned products in our warehouse and sending them back to Turkey on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on preference.

An important feature of Billbee is that order data from various store systems and marketplaces can be automatically read and status changes transferred back to store systems. You can find out which systems support which functions in this table.


Clearance Additional Information

Unfortunately, many of our customers are having problems with the German Customs procedures.

Turkish transport companies and customs clearance agencies in Germany declare products differently they are doing.

The most commonly used method for customs clearance is the “Direct Representation” method.
However, this method is only valid for Companies located in Germany.
The Declarant (Sending the Goods) must legally reside in the Customs territory (Germany), (Article 170 para. 2)
However, the Customs Union has included some exceptions regarding this issue;

-Companies whose residence is outside the European Union can carry out a certain amount of customs clearance per year.
(9 times a year for Germany)
-The rights of the companies are protected by law:
This protection is valid as long as the goods declarations of the relevant shipment are given correctly.
(For example; Entering the actual value of the Invoice values of the products introduced into the country)

-If your shipping company’s Customs Agency does not want to make this “Direct representation” for any reason,
You need to implement “Indirect Representation”. In this case, we would like to offer you the following service:

In principle, the declarant/Exporter Company has to be established in the country where the goods are imported (Germany), Article 170 Paragraph 2 UZK.
Since the EORI Number residence you have obtained is not within the limits of the European Union,
Your Turkish company must be indirectly represented in Germany.

The indirect representative can carry out customs procedures together with the Turkish company.
The indirect representative and the person represented are jointly responsible for import duties.
The Turkish company is directly responsible for the following items;
-The Turkish Company is directly responsible for all kinds of problems that may occur due to the products brought into the country (Germany) within the European Union Countries and for the costs that will arise due to these problems.
– The information on the commercial invoice/Proforma Invoice must be provided correctly by the Turkish company. While determining the product invoice value, VAT Amount (19% / 7%) over the sales price of the product
and the remaining amount after deducting Amazon Fees (Logistics, Commission 20%) from the product sales price.