Transshipment Forwarding for e.g, Amazon FBA Warehouses or Zalando ZFS




Additional Costs That May Occur

*** The bands of the product parcels were damaged and renewed during shipping to Germany, and
the banderol given to the seller by Amazon upon the order of Amazon’s contracted carrier company to purchase the product from Yalmans warehouse was attached to the product parcel.

*** Warehouse stacking (fullfillment and long-term intermediate warehouse stacking) may take 3 days depending on the density.

*** If the fulfillment service is to be made, there must be at least 100 order outputs per month. If an exit is made under 100 orders, it will still be traded at 100*1,48€.


If the ownership of the products sent to Yalmans warehouses is not declared to Yalmans within one week, all rights on the products belong to Yalmans GmbH.

Yalmans Fulfillment

  • For Yalmans Fulfillment service, the products must be packaged and delivered to us ready for sale.
  • If the products are to move in the parcel without opening the box, it is counted as one product regardless of the number of products in each box.
  • Each product-loaded parcel can have a maximum weight of 31.5 kg and dimensions of 120*60*60 cm.
  • The product checklist must be delivered to Yalmans Gmbh with the shipment of the products.

Advantages of Yalmans Fulfillment

  • It can be used as a fulfillment warehouse not only for Amazon but also for all other sales platforms.
  • Almost 50% cheaper than Amazon FBA warehouses or other fulfillment service warehouses.

Yalmans Intermediate Warehouse

  • All small parcel delivery boxes must have shipping labels.
  • Specify the number of box labels you need (one per case) and print them with a laser printer. Do not use inkjet printers as barcodes may become unscannable due to ink smearing or bleeding.
  • Do not write any messages on shipping labels or other labels affixed to the box.
  • The dimensions of the cardboard box should not exceed 60 cm on any side, unless the dimensions of a single shipping unit by itself exceed 60 cm.
  • No box should exceed 23 kg unless it contains a single oversized product that exceeds 23 kg. Boxes weighing more than 15 kg must be marked with the “Heavy Pack” label, which can be seen from both the top and side of the heavy-duty container. Cardboard boxes weighing more than 23 kg should be divided into lighter cargoes.
  • Carefully place each label on the outside of each carton, making sure that the physical contents of the box match the number of cartons on the shipping plan.
  • Position labels so that they are easily visible when the box reaches the fulfillment center and do not overlap the folds of the box.
  • Print all of the labels. As each label is unique, do not photocopy, reuse or modify labels for use in other cases.
  • Cargo labels should not be placed at these points, as if they come across the folds of the box, it may be damaged when opening the box and cause barcodes to not be scanned.
  • If possible, position shipping labels no closer than 3 cm/1.25 inches from any edge of the box, so that the tape used to seal the box does not overlap any barcodes or other critical information.

Advantages of Yalmans Intermediate Warehouse

  • For sellers who sell using Amazon FBA, the intermediate warehouse is a great convenience. The cost of sending cargo from Turkey to Germany many times is much higher than sending a loaded cargo in one go. By sending excess products in one cargo, you can keep your excess products in Yalmans warehouse to send to FBA warehouses as your stocks decrease.
  • In case of a decrease in stock, you can create a shipping plan in your Amazon Seller account and transfer your products from Yalmans warehouse to FBA warehouse. This keeps your stocks up-to-date and helps you keep a controlled stock without the need for long shipping processes.

Prime by Seller

You can become an Amazon Prime seller using Yalmans Fulfillment service. Check out the Amazon Prime by Seller program for details.

Amazon Partnered Carrier

You can use Yalmans fulfillment service integrated with Amazon. Check out the Amazon partner carrier program.