Products imported from third countries within the European Union are subject to various regulations. The legislator attaches great importance to the implementation and fulfillment of the relevant regulations by the manufacturer and/or importer.

Since many e-commerce sellers from third countries do not have an independent domicile/company address in Germany or Europe, Yalmans GmbH assumes the role of EU Authority. In this role, Yalmans GmbH serves as a link and interface between the foreign manufacturer/trader and the market surveillance authorities.

Authorized (Yalmans GmbH) refers to a natural or legal person resident in the EU and expressly authorized by the manufacturer to act on its behalf. This authorized person may be contacted by the competent authorities and institutions on behalf of the manufacturer regarding the requirements of this authorization.

What responsibilities does Yalmans GmbH assume in its role as EU Authority?

The tasks of the European Authority can be multi-layered and challenging at the same time. The main commitments include:

– [ ] Providing a registered address within the EU.
– Keeping all technical documentation for inspection by EU authorities for 10 years after the product is placed on the market.
– Making notifications to the EU authorities.
– Full registration in national databases.
– Processing of all incident reports (Incident Reporting).
– Representation of the manufacturer before the European Commission, authorities and designated bodies.
– Monitoring and ensuring continuous updating of regulations.
– Advising on European regulations.

What consequences can be expected if the relevant requirements are not fulfilled?

Various consequences can be expected in case of breach of the regulations:

By the legislature:
Imposition of high fines.
Possible destruction or confiscation of your products.
Problems with customs clearance and RAPEX system notifications.

By Fulfillment platforms such as Amazon:
Seller account closure.
Balance account freeze